RMR Acadèmia d'idiomes a Vic

Language School




Welcome to RMR Language Academy in Vic and Torelló.

One of the positive aspects of globalization – let’s be optimistic! – is that it multiplies communication opportunities among people. But to communicate, understanding is necessary, and to reach understanding, one must speak, converse, persuade, affirm, argue, entertain, explain… verbally and in writing. In short, using our most typically human skill: language.

There are several thousand languages in the world, all of them wonderful. We would love to be able to use them all, but life is too short for such a long task. That’s why we offer you only 3 major European languages to start with. They may be few, but you can go a long way with them…

  • English
    An Anglo-Saxon stock language, an old Germanic language with significant Romance language contributions. The second most spoken language in the world and the primary language of global commerce. Its prosody and pronunciation may initially pose some resistance, as they are not as regularized as our own.

  • French
    A fully Romance or Neo-Latin stock language. It is a neighboring language and very accessible for speakers of other Romance languages.

  • German
    An Anglo-Saxon stock language, of Germanic origin. It offers a certain complexity for speakers of Romance languages due to its lack of lexical similarities and its syntactic and declensional structure. Its reading and pronunciation pose no resistance to us.

The study of these languages has 5 assessable stages, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe.